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^ ^; want a story?

(dang i screwed up so bad.. crossposting is so friggin' hard! i accidently posted the wrong thing here! XOO)

I wrote a story...
*doing the finger thing like Hinata*
And I haven't spoken in a while.. So take the story as a apology -DONT EAT ME! waaa *runs away from shark teeth Zabu plushie* X3

Name: Maybe Just This Once
Author: me.. jamina_chan
Rating: PG
Pairing: Zabuza/Haku (even though it really isnt a pairing pairing, its fluff kinda. XD)
Summary: Zabuza just has some thoughts while holding a sleeping Haku (somewhere between 9 and 10).

And many thanks to melakanzu for drawing the pic that inspired this! Displayed here:
and the story begins..Collapse )
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Yo I'm new to this place and i thought the first thing i would do since i joined is post this pic i did a while ago of Zabuza.

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I drew this by hand then modified it on my comp, i worked hard on this since Zabuza is the best character ever!

Also i have a Naruto roleplay website that could do with more members.
Its called

Sharingan Curse

I am Zabuza and we need alot more members espically someone to play Haku.
Make your own character or play as someone from the show (Zabuza, Kakashi and Naruto are already taken).

Hope you like the pic and hope you have fun if you join the RP.
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Hi! I'm searching for all zabu or haku sites i can find! ^ ^ i have a new story where it haku and zabu but it haku's point of view. if i write one with zabuza's point of view, would this story be accepted? i'll wait for a comment beofore i post.
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